The documents for the smartmeter/health complaint to the European Human Rights Court

Here you may download the documents constituting the application before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) sent from eight Norwegian complainants on 17 July 2023 as to the health impacts from electricity smart meters.

For more information about the complaint, see info pages at the beginning of the file.

It is expected that during autumn 2023 the ECtHR will give an answer as to whether the complaint is accepted for processing.

The complaint consists of three parts:

  1. Letter of Transmittal + The Application form, which contains formalities and the application itself, and lists the attached documentation.
  2. The letter of Support, which elaborates on the complaint and underpins it, with references to attachments. (Not yet translated to English. Entitled “Støtteskriv (annex)”)
  3. The Appendices, which provide documentation (in various languages) referred to in the Letter of support. (For copyrighted material not in the public domain, cover pages, table of content and full reference is included.)

The size of the entire file is 81 Mb.

89 Nedlastinger

For privacy reasons and obligations imposed by the courts, the documents are (partly) anonymised. You may distribute them freely.

To download the Norwegian original documents, see blog page


The Norwegian association Foreningen for EMF-reform, helping this case forward, is a small not-for-profit registered NGO, providing information on the domain of health and environmental impacts from electromagnetic fields from digital technologies. To make a donation, please visit:


Einar Flydal, 8. August 2023