Here you will find some of my blogposts and/or papers/articles which have been translated into other languages and are freely available. Feel free to download and re-publish!


Einar Flydal: 5G and the Corona pandemics: Are these six researchers conspiring against telecom?, 27.04.2020, Download here!

Einar Flydal and Else Nordhagen: Planned satellite increase will damage Earth’s lifeconditions, v. 1.4, 31.3.2020, Download here!

Einar Flydal: More on Influenza as an «electromagnetic illness» – and on the link from the sun to cells, v. 1.5, 19.6.2020, Download here!

Einar Flydal: New briefing from the EU administration reveals the paralysis
of the EU Commission and how the ICNIRP people are maneuvering as to 5G and its consequences for human health, 12.03.2020: Download here!

Einar Flydal: Head of Swiss Radiation Protection Committee accused of 5G-swindle. Nordic countries deceived, too. blogpost, 20.02.2020 Download here!

Einar Flydal: My cataract, the death of Milton Zaret and Jon Fredrik Baksaas’ retirement job, blogpost, 16.08.2015, Download here!


Einar Flydal und Else Nordhagen: Zehntausende geplanter Satelliten bedrohen die Lebensgrundlagen auf der Erde, 16.4.2020, v. 1.5, Hier herunterladen!

Einar Flydal: Die Grippe und Elektromagnetismus, v. 1.4, 10.6.2020, Hier herunterladen!


Einar Flydal: Voorzitter van Zwitserse commissie voor stralingsbescherming beschuldigd van zwendel over 5G – ook Scandinavië om de tuin geleid, blogpost, 20.02.2020, Download here!