Translations from Norwegian

Here you will find some of my books, blogposts, papers/articles and other materials which have been translated from Norwegian into other languages and are freely available. Most recent additions are listed first.

Feel free to download and re-publish!


Application (i.e. complaint) from 8 Norwegians to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) as to electricity smart meters and health issues from microwaves and from dirty electricity (July 2023). Info pages, application, Letter of Support, Annexes. PDF. 81 Mb. Download for free:, or long link:

Einar Flydal and Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad AS: Smart Meters, the Law and Health, book, 210 pages. ISBN 978-82-692792-3-8. PDF, download for free:, or full link:

Einar Flydal & Else Nordhagen: Smart meters, dirty electricity, pulses and health, book, 242 pages. ISBN 978-82-692792-2-1 (PDF, download for free:, or full link:

Nordhagen EK, Flydal E. Self-referencing authorships behind the ICNIRP 2020 radiation protection guidelines. paper, Rev Environ Health. 2022 Jun 27. doi: 10.1515/reveh-2022-0037.

Einar Flydal: 5G and the Corona pandemics: Are these six researchers conspiring against telecom?, blogpost, 27.04.2020, Download here!

Einar Flydal and Else Nordhagen: Planned satellite increase will damage Earth’s lifeconditions, blogpost/note, v. 1.4, 31.3.2020, Download here!

Einar Flydal: More on Influenza as an «electromagnetic illness» – and on the link from the sun to cells, blogpost/note, v. 1.5, 19.6.2020, Download here!

Einar Flydal: New briefing from the EU administration reveals the paralysis of the EU Commission and how the ICNIRP people are maneuvering as to 5G and its consequences for human health, blogpost/note, 12.03.2020: Download here!

Einar Flydal: Head of Swiss Radiation Protection Committee accused of 5G-swindle. Nordic countries deceived, too. blogpost, 20.02.2020 Download here!

Einar Flydal: My cataract, the death of Milton Zaret and Jon Fredrik Baksaas’ retirement job, blogpost, 16.08.2015, Download here!


Einar Flydal und Else Nordhagen: Zehntausende geplanter Satelliten bedrohen die Lebensgrundlagen auf der Erde, 16.4.2020, v. 1.5, Hier herunterladen!

Einar Flydal: Die Grippe und Elektromagnetismus, v. 1.4, 10.6.2020, Hier herunterladen!


Einar Flydal: Voorzitter van Zwitserse commissie voor stralingsbescherming beschuldigd van zwendel over 5G – ook Scandinavië om de tuin geleid, blogpost, 20.02.2020, Download here!