The Daily Dose – Den Daglige Dosen

This project is under development.

On this page you will find my «The Daily Dose» comic strips. The strips will be written in English and Norwegian.

How many comic strips there will be, how comic they will be, and how regularly they will appear, remains to be seen. A few more are in the pipeline.

If you want to republish, feel free to do! But first, please read the text below the strips.

 The Daily Dose no. 1 English: Click here to enlarge     Click here to get *.jpg file


 Den Daglige Dosen nr. 1 Norwegian: Klikk her for større bilde   Klikk her for å hente *.jpg-fil


 The Daily Dose no. 2 English: Click here to enlarge     Click here to get *.jpg file


Den Daglige Dosen nr. 2 Norwegian: Klikk her for større bilde   Klikk her for å hente *.jpg-fil


 The Daily Dose no. 4 English: Click here to enlarge     Click here to get *.jpg file

Den Daglige Dosen nr. 4 Norwegian: Klikk her for større bilde   Klikk her for å hente *.jpg-fil


 The Daily Dose no. 5 English: Click here to enlarge     Click here to get *.jpg file

Den Daglige Dosen nr. 5 Norwegian: Klikk her for større bilde   Klikk her for å hente *.jpg-fil


If you want to republish the comic strips

The strips are copyrighted, but you, as well as anyone else, are hereby given permission to republish them, free of charge, on the condition that proper reference to the source is made, and that the strip is not sold or used for commercial purposes. Please send me an email with a link or reference to the publication. Use form below.

For permission to use the strips for commercial purposes, take contact.

The strips may contain material which is copyrighted by others, e.g. the «Yes, Minister» TV screen dump.

Third party copyrighted materials used in The Daily Dose

Fair use is claimed for the pictures used in The Daily Dose strips because:

  • no free alternative exists or could be now created.
  • it displays an iconic, regular setup.
  • it is used for a comic purpose, without any risk of confonding with the original.
  • it is used for non-commercial purposes.
  • does not detract from the value of the original, or the copyright holder’s ability to make further profit from the original.
  • Because the image is provided only in parts and at a low resolution inappropriate for high quality re-printing, its usage in The Dose strips does not pose a problem of aiding media piracy.
  • the part used is only a very small portion of the original.

Feel free to translate the strips, but you should then make clair in a comment that you have done so. I shall not be responsible for other texts but the ones I wrote myself.

Texts and ideas

If you think you have a good text to suggest, other ideas or source material, you are very welcome to use the form below!

Einar Flydal, 15. september 2016