Download “Smartmeters, Dirty Electricity, Pulses and Health” PDF

Download “Smartmeters, Dirty Electricity, Pulses and Health” PDF
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Here, you may download this book:

Einar Flydal & Else Nordhagen: Smart meters, dirty electricity, pulses and health, 242 pages.

ISBN 978-82-692792-2-1 (PDF)



The book is written for the professional as well as the non-professional but interested reader. It provides a broad overview of the matter –  biological, medical, technical, as well as societal and political aspects and explanations – and has a large number of references to international scientific and other literature.

Originally published in Norwegian (2021) for the general Norwegian public as well as for health service practitioners and lawyers, to provide documentation for a court case, the English version, of May 2023, is slightly  generalized and updated.

You might find the book very useful if you are concerned about health impacts from the wireless radiation from smart meters as well as the impact of “dirty electricity”, whether from smart meters or other electronics, or engaged in court cases or other conflicts regarding such matters.

As long as not exploited for commercial gain, we are happy if you download and read the book. For sharing, we kindly ask you to refer to this web page:, which assures the version is the last updated one, instead of forwarding the file.

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Original Norwegian title of the book: Smartmålerne, skitten strøm, pulser og helsa, 1st edition, document version 1.1, 17.03.2021, ISBN 978-82-93187-53-0 (out of print, but downloadable from

The first book of this series of two is available in English as:
Einar Flydal and Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad AS: Smart Meters, the Law and Health, 210 pages.
ISBN 978-82-692792-3-8 (PDF, downloadable for free at

The publisher of the English editions: The Norwegian association Foreningen for EMF-reform, is a small non-profit, registered NGO, providing information on the domain of health and environmental impacts from human made electromagnetic fields. Foreningen for EMF-reform is run by Einar Flydal and Else Nordhagen.

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